so many feels, so little time
I basically changed this whole challenge because I found it horridly hard to choose only 5 top T&B moments. Therefore, I changed it to 6 of my favourite little moments that sometimes may be forgotten, overlooked or underappreciated. Unfortunately I couldn’t put 187605572 of my top moments, so 6 will have to suffice :)
#My gifs: TnBChallenge #OLTL #One Life To Live #Todd Manning #Blair Cramer #I did 6 because you can't make an even photoset with 5 #yay for OCD #Welp #It was fun! Thanks for liking and reblogging #Y'all are awesome #And thank you if you did the challenge with me :) #What are your favourite T&B little moments? #I never thought I would ever choose anything from the TnT era #I reeeeeally surprised myself with that one #Also can we just appreciate the I'm going to bury you gif!? Atta girl #Just how Todd likes her #TOO MANY TAGS
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    YES IN THE STABLES after he held everyone hostage omg.
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