so many feels, so little time

Ali: Do you remember when we were having this, like, fight in the middle of my apartment, and I go to slap you. And you say “I caught that one” and then you pull me in, and there’s all this like… all of a sudden out of nowhere - we’re like mad as hell, and you were saying terrible things to me - and then we’re about to, like, make out all of a sudden. And then I pull away and I’m like “Oh my god, how does that happen!? Keep your hands off of me, buddy!” (x)

#Ali and James are literally the best of anyone ever #they are the best any shippers could ever ask for #Alison Sweeney #James Scott #Sami Brady #EJ Dimera #EJami #DAYS #Days Of Our Lives #My gifs: EJami
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